NEWS: Protest On The Streets – Mjaft!

Tirana is the city of crazy double and triple parking. Stickers are circulating so frustrated residents can attach them to these road-blockers: The stickers read: “I park like an idiot.” … Continue reading

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BOOKS: Proof Humans Are Capable Of Working Magic

“What an astonishing thing a book is. A flat object made from a tree. But one glance inside it and you’re in the mind of another person… across the millennia … Continue reading

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NEWS: Rare Species In Vjosa

This spectacular film shows the Vjosa’s sparkling waters flowing past meadows, fields, forests, hills, canyons, caves and islands. It hosts rare wildlife but  is under threat from planned Hydropower Dams. … Continue reading

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SOCIAL: Byroja Bar – Tirana’s 1920s Speakeasy

Plans are made here, games are played here, I could write me a book. Rumors are a-buzzing, Stories by the dozen, Look around you, cousin At the news were making … Continue reading

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HISTORY: Nikita Khrushchev visits Butrint

In 1959, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev visited Butrint, Albania’s site of Roman, Illyrian and Greek ruins including an enormous ampitheatre and marble statues. To ensure nothing went wrong, prior to … Continue reading

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NEWS: Bus Magic In Tirana

Any day, you can spot a city bus promising to whisk you somewhere exotic for a few LEK. Some far flung destinations on offer are: the Gare de Lyon, Schipol … Continue reading

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HISTORY: Acrobat in Tirana Harem

In 1913, circus acrobat, lion tamer, and magician Otto Witte noticed he bore a remarkable likeness to Albania’s future King. Witte hatched a plan. He set off for Tirana in … Continue reading

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