ART: Vintage Albanian Photographs

car2carThe amazing website by Robert Elsie is bursting with amazing shots of Albania from 13 collections dating from 1873-1952.  It includes first hand accounts from the adventuring photographers including:

(1)  Sultan Abdul Hamid II (1876-1900);
(2) The French consul Alexandre Degrand, 1890s;
(3) 1909 expedition by the French travel writer, Gabriel Louis-Jaray;
(4) 1910 trip by German journalist Ernst Jäckh with the notorious Turkish General Shefket Torgut Pasha;

(5) 1914 collection of Italian foreign minister, Marquis San Giuliano, documenting the reign of Prince Wilhelm zu Wied;

(6) 1920’s photos by Austrian anthropologist, Hugo Adolf Bernatzik;
(7) 1930’s collection of Countess Marion Dönhoff
(8) 1936-1941 collection of Nazi ambassador in Tirana, Erich von Luckwald.

They include first-hand accounts by the photographers, including this brilliant description by Baron Nopcsa of Vienna on a visit to Albania in 1903:

“From Skopje I thus set off for Prizren. There I was given three zaptiehs for the trip to Shkodra. I spent the first night in the han of Brut and, having departed at the break of dawn the next morning, I was shot at from close range out of some bushes on the right hand side at a bend in the road. The bullet went right through my hat and grazed my head, but did not injure me. I leapt off my horse, sought shelter and wanted to fire back, but was unable to catch sight of the criminal. At that moment, I had the very unchristian feeling of being a hunter laying in wait to shoot game. My Mannlicher Karabiner, equipped with a field-glass, which I had kept loaded in my saddle had thus been of no use to me at all. The rest of the journey, from the Vizier’s Bridge to Shkodra, passed without event.”


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