NEWS: Rare Species In Vjosa

riverThis spectacular film shows the Vjosa’s sparkling waters flowing past meadows, fields, forests, hills, canyons, caves and islands. It hosts rare wildlife but  is under threat from planned Hydropower Dams.

In June biodiversity experts, students and journalists from Albania, Austria, Germany, France and Macedonia collected scientific data from 11 sites. More than 400 species were identified, including rare species – the first sighting of a Devade tenella spider in the Balkans, a Myotis bechsteinii bat colony and the Selysiothemis nigra dragonfly. The dams will destroy the harmony of humans and the natural world, although Albania needs to develop  it should not be at the expense of losing unique ecosystems forever. The ‘Save the Blue Heart of Europe Campaign’ is working to protect Vjosa:


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