HISTORY: Kim Philby – Betrayer of Albanians

Kim-Philby--008In 1994 the Albanian Parliament made a request to London. Sothebys were auctioning superspy Kim Philby’s estate. His actions led to the murder of many Albanians, who asked Sotheby’s not to profit from this sale. Sotheby’s agreed.

From 1949 the MI6/CIA Operation Valuable parachuted Albanian agents into the country to overthrow Hoxha. Philby tipped off the KGB and these men were killed, tortured and imprisoned.  In January 1951, 29 agents were killed on arrival,  in July, 10 killed and many captured. In December Kacem Shehu, Muhamet Zeqir Hoxha and many others faced a show trial in a Tirana Cinema.

Hoxha said: ‘The trial was very boisterous, designed to show the defeat of the Anglo-Americans and the triumph of the security forces. There were loudspeakers in the cinema and outside in the street.’ One man, Selim Daci was tortured and only released in 1990. Another man Adem Gjura escaped but 40 members of his family were killed or tortured instead. Bizarrely, in his autobiography ‘The Artful Albanian’, Enver Hoxha attempted to downplay any role played by Philby and demanded the credit for punishing these men. To the end of his life, Philby was unrepentant.

You can read more here:

The Artful Albanian, (1987) Enver Hoxha.

‘The Great Betrayal,’  (1984) Lord Bethell.


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